Tammy Lewis Introduces New Book on Marriage, With This Ring

January 25 07:00 2018
An Anthology of Various Married Couples on Their Faith and Their Love

Raleigh – January 25, 2018 – Writer Tammy Lewis has released a new book about married couples and the many things that have helped them to be stronger in their relationship. The new book is entitled With This Ring, and it includes stories about various people who have been married for years. The book is a valuable work for people to see if they are struggling with many issues relating to their personal and romantic lives.

With This Ring is an anthology that covers nineteen married couples talking about their experiences with marriage and the many things that they have gone through in their relationships. They talk about their faith and how it has helped them to have stronger and more controlled lives. They also discuss how their hardships and other issues in life have helped them to understand the big picture in their relationships and to be stronger over time.

The work that Lewis has produced here is extensive and important. She has talked with a diverse array of couples including ones that were just married recently and some who have been together for more than seventy years. A marriage for every decade is covered in this fascinating book.

The stories that Tammy Lewis highlights in With This Ring are inspirational works that entail many positive attitudes and values that people hold. The stories surround many points relating to people being happy with who they are and the strong efforts people put in all the time to be greater and in control of their lives. More importantly, the book is about the faith of those who want to move forward with their lives and to be stronger. The fascinating work that Lewis has put into her book is important for all people to read.

Those who are interested in reading Tammy Lewis’ With This Ring can check out her website at www.iamtammylewis.com. This is part of Lewis’ ongoing outreach as a part of helping today’s black audience with reaching their goals and living out their dreams. The work of Lewis is dynamic and deserves to be explored for how important her efforts for helping people are.

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